De smaakvolle reis van eeuwenoude Kruiden

The flavorful journey of age-old Herbs

Welcome to a tasteful journey through the history of Mediterranean and North African cuisines, where herbs are not only seasonings, but also carriers of age-old traditions and culinary heritage.

In these kitchens, shaped by the warm sun and abundant soil, olive oil is the indispensable base. Together with basil, oregano, and coriander, they form a timeless alliance that dates back to ancient civilizations. The Greeks, Romans, and North African peoples appreciated these herbs not only for their taste, but also for their medicinal powers.

Rosemary, with its sun-kissed aroma, was used in ancient Greek culinary masterpieces and was also a symbol of devotion. Thyme, with its powerful flavor, had a prominent role in Egyptian medicine and served as a seasoning and preservative to the Romans. Cumin, an ancient spice with roots in the Middle East, was revered by the ancient Egyptians and spread to the Mediterranean region and North Africa.

A refreshing herb, mint has its roots in ancient Greece, where it was used as a symbol of hospitality and as an ingredient in culinary delicacies. Harissa, the spicy red sauce from North Africa, originates in the Maghreb region and has found its way into various dishes over the centuries. Sumac, with its citrusy scent, was popular in ancient Rome and is still used as a seasoning in Mediterranean and Middle Eastern cuisines.


Parsley, with its fresh taste, was loved by ancient Greek athletes and considered a symbol of victory. It spread throughout the Mediterranean region and was later embraced in North Africa. Coriander, with its versatile uses, has deep roots in ancient Egypt and is still prized in both Mediterranean and North African dishes.


This journey through the history of Mediterranean and North African spices reveals not only the culinary riches, but also the heritage passed down from generation to generation. Each spice contributes to the complex flavors of these regions, and their stories are intertwined with ancient civilizations, trade across the Mediterranean, and the vibrant cultural exchanges that have taken place over the centuries. Let's embrace this historic taste journey and enjoy the timeless scents and flavors that history has left us. Bon Appétit and Bil'hana wa'shiha! Spices

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